Folks, this is about my "consumption" of plastic over the next year. I'm looking at what I have, what I buy, and why I seem to need this hundred and fifty year old man-made concoction more than my mother's fried chicken.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sonny Skies

So here I am at 30,000 feet scribbling my first post on a barf bag-not exactly where I thought I would be on the kick-off of this year with knowplastic. I had grand plans to present my current plastic inventory and wow you with my categorization skills, but that all went by the way side when I found out that my grandpa, Sonny Warriner passed away. So here I sit writing with a plastic pen on a plastic tray table and wondering how much longer this flight would seem without the luxury of all this plastic. Next time you fly, do a visual plastic inventory... It's pretty overwhelming. It's interesting because one of my first introductions to plastic was through my grandpa when he taught me how to fish. The catch of the day was usually perch, which congregated around the lakehouse dock in Granbury, Texas. And this sweet memory that I often revisit was made possible by that plastic wonder known as fishing line. Between the worms and the fish it is no big surprise that I am both a worm farmer and an educator at an aquarium. I guess neither of us really knew how a simple outdoor activity would powerfully guide my future. So thank you Grandpa...for everything-especially for letting me share your name.
Love, Sunnye

Field Collection:
3 straws
1 single serving chip bag
1 fork
3 pocket rocket wrappers


Anita said...

Sunnye - sorry about your grandfather. :(

Bekah said...

We're thinking of you. I hope this time with your family has been strengthening.

sherripull said...

I'm so very sorry about the loss of your sweet grandfather,Sonny. I loved getting to spend time with your sweet family and so thrilled to finally meet Josh.
I love your blog and will be interested to follow your yearlong relationship with plastic!! Should be an eye-opener for all of us. Love you, Ber

Becca said...

Hi Sunnye,

So sorry to hear about your grampa. Hope you are doing ok.

I love your blog and will definitely check in once in a while, and look at my own plastic consumption too!


Sunnye said...

thanks for the support everyone--it means a lot! It was comforting to learn that from my grandma that my grandpa was a simple man and did not like accumulating "stuff". I was wondering where I got that from...

kristi said...

sunnye, i'm just catching up here, so i'm just realizing about your grandpa. i'm so sorry--and i always wondered how your parents picked your name. does it really come from him?

re: the thoughts on plastic, i am almost afraid to add this to my reader, because i struggle with not wanting to be convicted...just being honest. with kids, it's insane the amount of waste that's generated in our house, especially with 1 still in diapers. (to my credit, i bought 2 cloth diapers, but i rarely use i guess that negates the purchase. and they were delivered all wrapped in plastic...sigh.)

it's good to read your words and feel a little more connected to you. it's been so long, and we still miss you guys terribly!

Jives said...

Condolences on your grandfather.

And the blog is really great. This is going to be a really valuable experiment.

Sunnye said...

Kristi--I am reading your blog too now (1 year late--I'm a new blogger so I'm a little slow). I can't imagine how much our waste would increase if I had kids. It must be very challenging. SO, what's your take on cloth diapers? And yes, I was really named after my Grandpa. ; )