Folks, this is about my "consumption" of plastic over the next year. I'm looking at what I have, what I buy, and why I seem to need this hundred and fifty year old man-made concoction more than my mother's fried chicken.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weeks 31-37: An Ear for Plastic

I buy earrings. It's a fact. I won't stop. It is my one simple vice and I take great pride in this indulgence. So Josh and I are tooling around Gregory Town and we stop in Island Made--a well known gift store in Eleuthera just off of Queen's Highway. There are maps, "I brake for potcakes" T-shirts, Bahamas shot glasses made in China, sea glass & coconut earrings galore and then I see them...Sea Plastic earrings made in Eleuthera (as there is an abundance of plastic tids & bits everywhere) by a woman named Deanna Delvechio. If she's reading this and I spelled her name wrong, hopefully she will chime in! Here's what she has printed on the back of the paper:

"On the beaches in the Bahamas,
all sorts of treasures wash ashore.

From its former life aboard
ships of all sizes,
sea plastic is carried along
by ocean currents,
until it is deposited on our sands
like multi-colored confetti.

Sea plastic jewelry helps
keep our beaches clean
by recycling materials that
wash up on local shores.

Each piece of sea plastic collected
is unique,
and so is this piece of jewelry.
Enjoy it!"